HER: The Tharu Women's Journey to Freedom

What a gem! Thank you for inspiring me and so many others not only to live our dreams, but to not let any obstacles come in the way.
— Celine, Ontario
 Michelle Bonneau, Official Book Launch 2018

Michelle Bonneau, Official Book Launch 2018

Through the medium of inspiring stories and photographs, the story of women's freedom from bondage towards empowerment is told.

The Tharu, a marginalized Nepalese ethnicity, were freed from indentured labor in 2000 with the abolishment of the Kamaiya System. Despite their free status they were left landless and poor, but triumphed in their journey to freedom with dignity and self-respect. How? The 13 cent miracle. 

The book is amazing - so well-written and the photography is breath-taking; it is clearly a work of art – both literary and pictorial!
— Lorri, Kelowna

The Tharu women's monthly thirteen cent contribution to their own Mother's microcredit groups was the crucial turning point in striving for self-reliance. Their story is enshrined in these photos of their daily life before and after their liberation. This book whisks you away to rural Nepal where you step into a vibrant world of colour and possibility in the face of opposition. From the ashes of their bondage rose proud Tharu women. The March 2016, Gadhawa, Dang photographs are the result of a dream to honor these valiant women. To experience the bravery of Tharu women first hand is a life-changing experience. 

The book is a stunning display of courage and triumph. It is:

  • 11" wide x 8.5" tall 
  • 144 pages long 
  • Printed on 4 colour process satin paper with German binding 

All photography was done by extraordinary artist Julie Gascon.

In 2017, Michelle was chosen as the recipient of the highest service award in Canada that is offered to civilians: The Meritorious Service Medal.

 Michelle Bonneau, Author (left) and Julie Gascon, Photographer (right).

Michelle Bonneau, Author (left) and Julie Gascon, Photographer (right).

This book is so beautiful. These women are very strong and believe in a better life for themselves.

— Ginette P from Florida
To me this book was very emotional and knowledgeable. The comments took me
into every picture’s story. The pictures and the stories truly inform you about the Tharu womens’ struggles, but also shows how they have so much love and strength. I felt tearful every time I picked it up! Simply amazing work! You should all be so proud of Her International. Simply wow!!
— Vicki, Kelowna
Une vraie oeuvre d’art! Tout est magnifique, original nous apportant l’histoire des Népalaises et ce que vous avez réussi avec elles. C’est tout simplement
EXCEPTIONNEL! La beauté des photos, la présentation originale, les textes courts remplis de
renseignements. C’est une très belle qualité que la concision dans l’écriture et tu en as fait preuve.
— Constance, Montreal