Since 2012, October 11th has been marked as International Day of the Girl by the United Nations. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

We are hosting our first ever adolescent girls workshop in downtown Kelowna on Sat. Oct. 20th. Do you know a girl between 12 and 17 who could use community, self love and some global awareness? Register her here >>

We are on a mission to educate 100 girls and 100 mother’s. Become a monthly sponsor for a girl and her mother here.

 Emily + Dan Eising of Eising Construction, Gold Sponsors of the tournament, with Kevin Edgecombe, President, Her International

Emily + Dan Eising of Eising Construction, Gold Sponsors of the tournament, with Kevin Edgecombe, President, Her International

ordinary people doing extraordinary things

We feel honoured to have many ambassadors working with our charity to do extraordinary things.

Please view our Ambassadors page for events and campaigns that are currently being run to support the education of women + girls worldwide.



For $100 you can purchase a brick that will be installed in the upcoming trip to Nepal.

Click the button below, fill in the information in the donate field and we’ll send you an email once it’s installed.


MARCH 8, 2018: HOPE In Her Eyes is back

Two local charities (H.O.P.E. Outreach + Her International) join forces once again to create awareness of the trials of being an impoverished woman in today’s world, both locally and globally.

Join us at the Laurel as we raise funds to give back to these women who need us. Enjoy networking, A photo + art exhibit, a delicious sit-down dinner and videos + speeches that provide insight into the trials of being a marginalized woman.


For $33 a month, you cover admission and exam fees, group tutoring, school uniforms, shoes and socks, school bags, school supplies, and personal hygiene products for one girl and her mother will automatically join a savings and life skills group that will support her in becoming self reliant.


Corporate Social Responsibility is the only way to go and as it grows in popularity, your employees and customers are paying attention to what you support.

We love to partner with companies who are interested in taking the next step with their marketing efforts.

Her at a Glance:

Nepal: Her International focuses on ensuring that girls receive an education, that their mothers and all women from the community have access to skill-building opportunities, and that micro-financing groups are available to fund their hopes and dreams. Sustainably. Highlights?

  • We rescued 187 young girls from bonded labour.

  • We have provided a total of 2,261 annual scholarships.

  • We currently fund the education of 166 students and empower over 900 women through Savings + Life Skills groups.

Unako: Our social initiative, Unako, is a group of twelve rural, ethnically Tharu women who hand make our signature scarves, bags, and eco-chic jewellery which Her sells to help fund programs. This offers safe and fair wage employment to local women.

Canada: Her International identifies underserved causes / populations and then collaborates with other organizations to deliver projects that fill those gaps. We currently provide literacy groups for immigrant mothers and empowerment training for mentors of at-risk women.