Her International Builds

Here is a comprehensive list of the builds that Her International, has contributed too over the past decade:

2012/2013 Chainpur (Ground floors)

2013/2014 Chainpur (Two extra classrooms)

2013/2014 Unako House

brick campaign.jpeg

In October 2013, though our relationship with our Nepali NGO partner, Creating Possibilities, a long-term dream was realized when we built the Unako House community centre. "Unako" means "her" in Nepalese and quickly became the heart of the Dang community - Her International scholarship students bustle through to pick up school supplies, attend tutoring sessions and meet with the program coordinator. Mothers meet together for life skills and microcredit meetings. A business incubator space houses the cottage industry, Unako, named after the building, that employs local women to make scarves. 

The 4000 sq. foot two-storey building located in the western province of Dang, Nepal. The construction process was a collaborative effort between Her International, Developing World Connections, Creating Possibilities and many generous donors.

The building is self sustaining. There is rental income from two leased spaces as well as rental income from Unako Scarf program and Her's office space. One of our program coordinators is the live-in caretake of the centre. The primary use of this centre is for the empowerment of women and girls in the community and will not be used for any political or profitable gain.

Unako House is providing opportunities for under-privileged Tharu women and young girls to take control of their future and thrive in their communities, through education, vocation, literacy and hope.

2014 Emergency Relief

The earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015 devastated Gorkha and the surrounding area. Over 9,000 died. Entire villages were flattened and hundreds of thousands were left homeless in just 40 seconds. 

Our local Nepali partner organization, Creating Possibilities (CP), though headquartered in Kathmandu, part of the disaster radius, reported that all staff were safe.

Though none of our staff nor participants were affected, Her International and its supporters quickly mobilized to raise money which was used to provide emergency relief. With CP staff on the ground to immediately assess needs and deliver supplies, Her provided:

  • Reconstruction of 11 school classrooms

  • Allocation of metal roofs for 214 homes

  • Additional cash support to reconstruct homes

  • Emergency supplies multiple schools in the Gorkha and Tanahu Districts

2015/2016 Laliguras, Mitrata

2016/2017 Bandevi, Salangiri