Creating Possibilities Nepal

Our international programs are operated through in-country charitable organizations. In Nepal, our partner is Creating Possibilities Nepal. We would love for you to ‘meet’ them below!

Dinesh Raj Sapkota – Country Directory
Nura Basnet – Administration and Finance Officer
Sarita Chaudhary – Mothers' Group Coordinator
Deepa Chaudhary – Student Coordinator


I was born in Bhojpur, a beautiful hill district which lies in the eastern part of Nepal. Currently, I live in Kathmandu and travel to different places where we operate our projects and programs.    

I am a married person with two sons. 

My career in social work started from the beginning. It has been 15 years that I have been working in different areas of the social work, especially in the area of children and women. 

I believe in team work and cooperation.


Namaste! My name is Nura Basnet. I live in Kathmandu Nepal and have been working with Creating Possibilities Nepal now for 8 years. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 5 years and have a 4 month old son.

Life in Nepal is already hard for women and especially for those living in rural areas. I came to learn about the hardships firsthand only after I visited Dang (our work area) when I joined CP. Having been born and raised in the capital city of Nepal, you can say that I was naïve to the extent of poverty and helplessness that existed in my countrywomen. During these years I have come to learn a lot from my colleagues and beneficiaries. My desire to help the rural women has become stronger.

I work as a liaison to the Director and mainly I am responsible for the Admin and Finance department.


Sarita Chaudhary

Namaste, I am 32 years old. I live in Dang, Nepal. I joined Creating Possibilities (CP) six years ago and five years ago I was married. I have no children. There are four members in my family: my father-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, and I.

When I work with CP, it helps me to forget my childhood difficulties because I get a good opportunity to do the work with almost 900 mothers in our Mother's groups. I really enjoy and love my job. When I started my work in the Mother’s group, I got good training to learn how to keep records, to encourage the Mother's group members for using their loans and different small business practice too. I grow within the work too, as different problems arise and I help with problem solving. Sometimes I give suggestions and try to help solve their personal and community problems. Thus, my inner and external creative activities also increase and I develop skills around the cooperative too.

Three years ago I was very sick and the doctor referred me to Lucknow Hospital in India for treatment. I was admitted for 1 month. At that time, CP gave me advice and inspired me and loved me as a family. If I had not joined CP it would have been a very difficult time for me and I could not continue the good treatment in India. I am still taking medicine from India. If it wasn't for CP, I may have died.

Currently, my husband and I work together in the CP Office. He gets a good chance to develop his skill and continue his study too. If he didn’t work for CP, he would likely be unemployed or would have to go abroad to earn the money. This often leads to issues with addiction in our community.

Often, in our society and caste, the women who don't have children are dominated by their husbands, family and the community. But because of our training within CP, my husband has worked with me to not worry about having a child  and he is indifferent about it. If he did not join CP, he also wouldn’t understand that, so I am proud of my job.  I am so much happy, very thankful and love to CP and Her International. Thank you again. 

Sarita Chaudhary
Mothers Group Coordinator
Creating possibilities

Deepa Chaudhary

I am Deepa Chaudhary and I live in Dang, Nepal. I am a 28 year old and married woman. We have a joint family and my family encourages and inspires me to continue working my job.  I have one daughter, she is seven years old.

I have worked with the students of CP for nine years. My responsibility is Student Coordinator. I am very happy, because I am getting a good opportunity to develop different skills. I work with around 200 students and I am proud of my work. So I want give thanks to CP Nepal and Her International.

Deepa Chaudhary  
Student Coordinator  
Creating possibilities Nepal Dang

Junu Chaudhary

Namaste. My name is Junu Chaudhary. I am 25 years old. We are a joined family with four brothers, two brother-in-laws, four daughters and two sons, one youngest sister (who is doing the next cooperative) and one older sister (she is already married), my mother, and me.

I worked in bonded labour for five years in a rich mans home. At that time Her International/CP rescued me and gave me chance for an education which is not possible from my family. I am very proud of CP.

Today I am working on the UNAKO Cooperative. The UNAKO Co-op was started by women from the Mothers' Microcredit Groups. After the success of the microcredit loans, the women wanted more opportunity to save and borrow money so they started their own Co-op bank.  I am feeling so happy because I get a good opportunity to develop different skills, like computer and communication skills, and on how to conduct meetings with the Mothers' groups and within the cooperative too.

If not for CP, I may already be married. I might have had children that would have to do hard work in a rich man’s home like my ow childhood. But instead I have a job, I do hard work and I am honest. So I am proud of CP and very happy with my job. I want to give thanks to CP & Her International again & again.

Junu Chaudhary  
Co-operative Coordinator  
Creating possibilities Nepal