march 8, 2018

This International Women's Day, Her International & our ambassadors from around the world are gathering to empower one another through various events called Global Empowerment pop-ups.

There will be pop-ups in Nepal, Mongolia, Japan, the United States and Canada.

In Kelowna? Come to Stuart Park stairs (across from City Hall) at 12 p.m. for a few speeches from the leaders of Kelowna on how women are thriving in our local community! 

Tune in on our live social board & consider a donation to give #HerTimeToThrive.

Her International at a Glance:


Nepal: Her International focuses on ensuring that girls receive an education, that their mothers and all women from the community have access to skill-building opportunities, and that micro-financing groups are available to fund their hopes and dreams. Sustainably. Highlights?

  • We rescued 187 young girls from bonded labour.
  • We have provided a total of 2,261 annual scholarships.
  • We currently fund the education of 182 students and have over 900 women in micro-credit groups.

Unako: Our social initiative, Unako, is a group of twelve rural, ethnically Tharu women who hand make our signature scarves, bags, and eco-chic jewellery which Her sells to help fund programs. This offers safe and fair wage employment to local women.

Canada: Her funds a literacy program for immigrant mothers and mentoring and life skills courses for at-risk women.

shop unako
AND change lives

A woman wears a scarf to enhance her appearance, to make a statement and express a part of herself to the world. UNAKO does all that and more! Each scarf that is purchased enhances the life of one female child, youth or adult by providing her educational and livelihood opportunities.

Our eco-chic jewellery line just launched, turning trash into treasure. Each bead is individually made from crushed glass bottles and turned into stunning earrings, bracelets and neckalaces.


We focus on Empowerment Through Education. 
$300 ($25/month) covers:

  • School admission and exam fees
  • Group tutoring
  • School uniform, house dress, shoes and socks
  • School bag and school supplies (books, paper, pencils, and pens, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, sanitary napkins, etc.)