Canada Programs & Partnerships

Mentor training program

In partnership with the Karis Society, Her International is developing a mentor training course which will train the volunteers that mentor at-risk women.

Mentoring provides women and girls who are in a difficult place in their lives with someone to guide them through the struggles they are facing towards a hopeful future. The training will teach participants to deliver personalized, effective care and maintain safe boundaries. 


Empowerment PopUps

December 2017 popup poster

December 2017 popup poster

Born from the creative and collaborative minds at Her International and Mamas For Mamas and inspired by the success of Her International's Mothers’ Groups in Nepal, Empowerment Popups focus on equipping women with the skills they need to be effective and successful in their lives. The events build on the collaborative and community-support model by inviting individual experts and local businesses to volunteer their knowledge and facilities to host the popups. 

Not only do the groups empower women through teaching skills but also through gathering them together to strengthen communities and develop a sense of "tribe". Participants share that "by coming together they learn not only from the speaker but from each other. There is a magic in coming together to share knowledge and experiences. Connections and insights side by side with others in attendance. This is the true POWER of the Empowerment Popups!"

The popups are offered bimonthly. To find out about the next popup coming up, check the Her International "Events" Facebook page.


Language Is Key

One of Her International’s mission goals is to assist women who have immigrated to Canada. Her International has partnered with Quebec nonprofit, SANA (Service d’accueil des nouveaux arrivants de Trois-Rivières), an organization which offers immigrant settlement and integration services. They also offer intercultural outreach, enabling newcomers from all parts of the world to take their place in the Mauricie region of Quebec and participate in its socio-economic development. 

The Language Is Key program reaches women who do not speak French, who are isolated and homebound, and brings a language teacher to their home to instruct them in basic French literacy. 

A women’s inability to speak the local language makes them unable to correspond with the their children’s teachers, neighbours and heightens her isolation and places her at greater mental and physical risk. It makes her more vulnerable to depression and/or domestic abuse and unable to reach out for help when she needs it. 

Her International founder, Michelle Bonneau (centre), with SANA Director, Ivan Souaza, and SANA staff

Her International founder, Michelle Bonneau (centre), with SANA Director, Ivan Souaza, and SANA staff



For many years Her International has sponsored the annual holiday potluck put on by the International Women's Committee (IWC). The event is well attended by a diverse group of women (last year held 47 nationalities all in one room!) It brings the international women of Kelowna a chance to gather and connect over what we bond over best - food! The IWC group also brings in speakers to discuss a local aspect of living in Kelowna, so there is an educational component. It's a beautiful event and we are proud to partner with IWC.