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SureCall offers customer contact solution centers the US and Canada. With over 30 years of experience and award-winning services, SureCall takes their commitment to employment and customer satisfaction to the next level through their corporate social responsibility “GoodCall” program.The GoodCall initiative supports causes both locally and globally.

Her International is excited to partner with the Hero Girls Project, a program made possible through the support of SureCall through their GoodCall program. The partnership supports scholarships, microfinance groups, entrepreneurship, and life skills. Learn more about Hero Girls at!

Saalt is a company that empowers women to care for themselves in a healthy and sustainable way with reusable menstrual cups. At Saalt, they seek to create high performance products with no compromises that simplify personal care to support healthy and sustainable living.

They foster a global sisterhood of smart women who make deliberate and clear choices in their lives—women who do more with less, and have honest and inspiring conversations that bring awareness and help end menstrual shame.

Saalt supports scholarships, life skills training, feminine health and hygiene awareness, and menstrual cups.

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Jackets for Jasper is a small business that was born out of a 2011 trip to Nepal by Liz and Len (a couple from North Vancouver). They fell in love with the country, their guide, and his family. Now, together, to support their children's schooling, they sell Nepali-made down jackets and vests at 50% retail prices. All after-tax profits from the sale of jackets go toward the education of children in Nepal.

Every jacket they sell funds approximately 1 month of schooling. 12 jackets sold = 1 year of school! 

Read on about why they chose to partner with us >>

Linda Edgecombe is an internationally acclaimed and award winning writer and motivational speaker. As a supporter since the organization's inception, she is Her International's longest corporate partner. Linda has shared Her International’s story and mission with thousands across North America, as well as supported us through scarf sales at speaking events. Linda has had an instrumental role in helping propel this small, grassroots organization to a multinational nonprofit that runs education programs for women and girls around the world.

What our supporters have to say…

Oh how we love HER International! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with this incredible organization and its volunteers who work tirelessly in the trenches to improve the lives of women and girls most in need. Their founding story is so inspiring, and their directors Kate and Tamara run HER with such enthusiasm and prowess underscored by compassion and deep passion for what they do. We couldn’t ask for a charity partner more committed to creating lasting change in the lives of women. We give HER our wholehearted support.
— Cherie Hoeger, Founder, saalt
I’d like to share a story with you about why I love and appreciate the work that you are doing. When I came to Canada in March 1999 as a refugee, I was young and had only £1 english pound in my pocket and no food. There was the sweetest lady (Molly) and her husband (Wesley) that saw me on the CTV and CBC news (because I had just landed in Halifax in a container ship) and what they did was the best thing that ever happened to me. They collected clothes, money, books and food from their neighbours, sold the clothes and supported me with food, rent and pocket money for almost two months until the Government gave me a welfare allowance. My point is, I really appreciate that you are creating opportunities for others in need and making their dreams come true.

This is what first led me to give. I initially donated money for a girls scholarship. It was a great feeling for me when I received an email stating that that year, Her International was able to send not only one girl, but 205 girls to school in Nepal. Two hundred and five is lot of people helped and generations changed by equal opportunity.

It’s amazing that a small amount of money in the right charity hands can make a huge difference in the world.
— Peter Hila, Alb Masonry
Great leadership = incredible impact for marginalized women & girls!
— Nicole Rustad, Vortovia
We are doing amazing work supporting marginalized girls and women in both Nepal and Canada, next the world.
— Linda Edgecombe, Public Speaker

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