Her International - US



Our mission is to provide educational opportunities and sustainable life skills to marginalized women and children.




Globally, Her International partners with local organizations on-the-ground organizations. Together we develop and implement the programs. Currently we run education programs in Nepal and popup training events around the world.



Together with our Nepali partner, Creating Possibilities, Her International supports girls from low-income families to attend school - girls who without this scholarship would be kept at home, sent to work as laborers in factories or fields, or even married off as child brides. 

Our program covers all school fees, supplies, and tutoring. Her International commits to support each student from kindergarten through grade 12. We also offer several university scholarship opportunities.


microcredit & lifeskills

The purpose of the Microcredit and Lifeskills Mothers' Groups is to ensure the sustainability of the scholarship students' continued education through their mothers' attendance at monthly support meetings. These meetings teach the women to become self-reliant on a personal and financial level. These groups impact not only the individual families but the whole village community.

Currently Her International and our Nepali partner, Creating Possibilities, supports 980 women in 31 groups in the Dang region of Nepal.  


empowerment workshops

Her International brings women around the world together to share their skills with one another through regular empowerment workshops. 

These sessions are facilitated by a volunteer presenter in a donated space. The workshop locations and topics vary from month to month. 

If you are interested in volunteering to run workshops near you, we would love to hear from you!

Her Leadership


Board of Directors

Her International - US is overseen by a volunteer board of directors. 

President: Kevin Edgecombe

Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Barnes

Director-at-large: Nicole Rustad

Director-at-large: Kelly Crawford

Executive Director

Her International is run by Executive Director, Kate Phelps. 

Her Business

Her International builds funding sustainability and offers ethical employment to women in Nepal through our social enterprise, Unako. Unako makes and sells fair trade scarves and jewelry. 

The scarves are hand sewn and the beads for the jewelry are made in a wood-fired, mud kiln from recycled glass bottles. 

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