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We encourage each volunteer to set up their own fundraising page using CanadaHelps.


1. Go to this page

2. Once you have created your Canada Helps login, you start by choosing a charity, search for Her International, then there will be a drop down box to the left of our logo with funds to choose from, select "Her International Program Donation". All funds raised will go towards supporting all Her International programs including this build.

3. Then follow the form to personalize it. Tell your supporters why this trip means so much to you. Add a few pictures of yourself. 

4. That's it! You will be given a link that you can share with your friends and family via email or social media. 

Please let us know if you would like some help setting up a fundraising page. This year we are offering to do this on your behalf if there is any confusion.

bricks to be installed at unako house

Our most successful fundraising program is the brick campaign. For a $100 donation, the donor will receive a brick with a name of their choosing that will be installed on the walls of the school you are building. Your donor will receive a tax receipt for their contribution.

We ask that you track and record the bricks that have been purchased. Please submit the names of those bricks below by October 15, 2018 so that they will be ready for installation upon the teams arrival. Names of bricks can be in the following formats, John Smith; Smith Family; The Smith Family from Kelowna; In Memory of John Smith; Jack, Jill, John & Jen. 

On installation day: you will each install your own bricks that you sold; you will take pictures of each brick and upon return home, you can send out to each donor with a word of thanks. We will also send out thank you letters for all donations.

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We encourage you to use social media as a way of connecting with your friends and family. Start your post with a personal story of what this project means to you. Ask them for their help though donations, and don't forget to include your fundraising page link. 

Note: Her International is a non-religious organization, we ask that you refer to this as a "volunteer trip" or a "classroom build" and refrain from using "mission". Thank you.

Download this image to use in your posts.

Social media

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If you would like to sell scarves for your fundraising, each scarf would sell for $25, $10 from each scarf sold would go towards your fundraising goal. These amounts are not eligible for tax receipts. Please ensure that you keep records of exact amounts sold and received. Payments for scarves will be      collected by you in person by cash or cheque. Payments cannot be made online via your fundraising      page.

Donations of any amount will be accepted, but below are some suggested amounts.

  • For your donation of $25 a student in Nepal will receive a backpack full of school supplies that will last her the school year.
  • For your donation of $100 you will get a name of your choosing carved on a brick and installed on a classroom in Nepal.
  • For your donation of $300 a student in Nepal will receive education for one year.
  • An ongoing monthly donation of $25/month provides education, empowerment and support on an ongoing basis to our community of 1,000+ women and girls.

All donations will receive a tax receipt.