Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide a scholarship to an IWEN student who wishes to continue their studies in the medical field. While in Nepal, a group of IWEN volunteers was working on completion of Unako House. They met Jaypal, Shusma, Susmita and a little girl. The mentally ill mother of these children had left and their alcoholic father was unable to care for them. The little girl did not have a name. Creating Possibilities was able to track down the father and he gave permission for the children to be supported by IWEN. He also gave permission for the little girl to be named......Unako. Unako became quite sick and without close medical care passed away on October 7th, 2015 at the age of 3 years old. It is our hope that we can provide a medical scholarship so one of our IWEN sponsored girls is able to continue her studies, become a doctor and provide medical care to those who most need it in Dang. Thank you for your support.