Volunteer Meetup

Calling any volunteers, we are hosting another Volunteer Meetup!

Our fantastic new Volunteer Coordinator Mandy Joy Glinsbockel and our local co-Executive Director Tamara McLellan will be at the Bean Scene on Bernard, Monday November 20th from 7-8 p.m.

It's a chance for us to meet anyone who has volunteered with us in the past and also for us to meet any new volunteers who are interested in working with us!

You'll receive a free scarf for coming and at 7:15 we'll have about 10 minutes of formal discussion. Then just sit, drink tea and be merry!

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IWEN & Kelowna Women's Shelter team up to fundraise for Okanagan youth

IWEN & Kelowna Women's Shelter team up to fundraise for Okanagan youth

Two local non-profit agencies with a shared passion for helping women are teaming up to raise money. IWEN Canada, which works to provide educational opportunities and sustainable life skills to marginalized women and children, has donated 50 scarves to be sold at the Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift Store.

All profits from the scarves, which are made by rural, ethnically Tharu women in Nepal and retail for $20 each, will go directly to support the Shelter’s Inside/Out Violence Prevention Program for Youth.

Mantra Mats supports IWEN with sales

Mantra Mats is a socially responsible company that sells thoughtfully designed yoga mats made from naturally derived materials, as well as t-shirts and phone covers with artwork designed by local artists.  Their eco-friendly yoga mats are biodegradable and completely sustainable, designed to encourage presence, intention and manifestation through gentle, visual reminders of peace and self- acceptance while you practice. 

In August, our co-ED Tamara McLellan sat down with business owner Sarah Donaldson and told her the story of IWEN Canada. With her huge heart, Sarah decided to donate 10% of the profits from each sale to IWEN.

Companies like this one are great reminders of how we can have a social aspect to all that we do. This makes shopping for eco-friendly products easy and the benefit is two-fold. Help us change the lives of very special people who live in rural Nepal with your next purchase.

SAVE THE DATE: Volunteer Meet-Up August 30th

We have always wanted to bring together our new and existing volunteers for a mindful meet-up where we can talk scarves, events, and changing the world. So - this August 30th - please join our co-Executive Director, Tamara McLellan, our Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Baziuk, and our other volunteers for a short and sweet get together at the beach! Find us at Kinsmen Park, play some games, enjoy a refreshingly cold tea, and meet like-minded people who want to make an impact. Consider this your invite!

Local Charity Hires Co-Executive Directors to Lead Women's Organization

Kelowna, July 6, 2017 - IWEN Canada's Board of Directors has made a bold decision on their future leadership. Following a courageous decision to take the next step within their non-profit organization to hire an Executive Director, the IWEN Canada board unanimously supported the transition of two of their current board members, Vice President Tamara McLellan, and Director of Programs, Kate Phelps, into a shared collaborative Co-Executive Director leadership model.

Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Unako Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide a scholarship to an IWEN student who wishes to continue their studies in the medical field. While in Nepal, a group of IWEN volunteers was working on completion of Unako House. They met Jaypal, Shusma, Susmita and a little girl. The mentally ill mother of these children had left and their alcoholic father was unable to care for them. The little girl did not have a name.