ANNUAL program & financial REPORT

2017 Annual Report Download ANNUAL REPORT 2017.pdf (3.1 MB)

2016 Annual Report  Download ANNUAL REPORT 2016.pdf (2.16 MB)

2015 Annual Report Download ANNUAL REPORT 2015.pdf (2.49 MB)

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  • 980 members formed 31 women's groups that teach life-skills and and offer microcredit loans
  • 585 women received literacy training
  • 372 women have used microcredit loans to start a business
  • 2 of women’s groups have formed collective businesses
  • 85 women have used micro loans to buy small plots of land for homes and businesses
  • 140 women used microcredit loans to help build safe homes that will withstand the monsoon season (instead of mud homes that need to be repaired and/or rebuilt after heavy rains)
  • 187 girls rescued from bonded labour
  • 2,250 annual educational scholarships have been provided
  • 211 bicycles given to girls to help them get to school safely